En plein for the Finnish team winning GP 1.1 and 1.2 of the
69F Cup – Valencia Mar Sailing Week

The 69F Cup – Valencia Mar Sailing Week, first event of the European circuit of the 69F Cup, ended one day early, on Friday April 22nd, due to the strong wind on Saturday 23rd. 12 races were sailed in the two day competition by the nine teams with sailors coming from as nine countries, for a very balanced and heterogeneous fleet, made up of young and not-so-young sailors, some professionals and others amateurs, for a very intense and close competition.

Three teams took part in both Grand Prix, among them the winners of GP1.1, Fin1Racing, who reconfirmed themselves the best of the week winning also GP1.2.

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“It was very nice, we had a new flight controller onboard for this weekend, Cas Van Dongen, who supported us in our winter training,” said Allan Norregaard – Fin1Racing “he is normally at the helm, but he was outstanding in his new role. We were able to win again, and we are really happy about that!”
Fin1Racing has a nice background story. They bought a slot at the last three GPs of the 2021 European season, in Torbole and Puntaldia, thanks to the easy Pay-Per-Play option they just had to show up at the location a few days in advance, follow the training session with one of the Team 69F coaches in order to get ready to compete in the regatta. After those events came the decision to participate in the entire 2022 season, which began with two consecutive wins for them.

In second place was another confirmation from last weekend, the French of Groupe Atlantic, while in third place were the Swiss of CER Ville de Geneve.
“It was a fantastic event, a good regatta, we have noticed a big improvement, but for many small mistakes we didn’t make the top yet. We are very happy nonetheless with our second place this week,” said Louise Chambet of Groupe Atlantic.

“Great event, we definitely made too many mistakes, also because it was the first time I sailed on the 69F” confessed Guillaume Rol of CER Ville de Geneve, “we are happy to have gained a place on the podium, even if it is on the third step”.

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Goupe Atlantic

The third and eighth ranked team are all within a little more than 10 points, showing how high, and close the level on the water is. Urlich Volz – SDS Swiss Dental Solution finished in sixth. He is a passionate sailor, who opted for an all-season slot with the goal of having fun doing what he enjoys most with his family.

“The event was great, wonderful though we met very challenging conditions on Friday with strong winds and waves, but still always in foiling mode. I got the boat for the season and I’m sailing with my two daughters, who take turns on board with two professional sailors, the idea behind this is to have a family boat. The Persico 69F is very fast, super fun but also totally safe, and that’s what we like about it, as well as being able to participate in very tight and well-organized regattas. The goal is to have fun, and if the boat is fun, it really is the best.”



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