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Feadship Eco-Explorer, a new superyacht concept



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Feadship has teamed up with Merveille Yachting to imagine an extraordinary Eco-Explorer with an automated wing propulsion system. Optimising energy efficiency in multiple ways, including self-generation via wind/underwater turbines and solar panels, the design offers a tremendous amount of interior living space and an unrivalled degree of autonomy.

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The Eco-Explorer is a genuinely environmentally friendly superyacht featuring a mast system with wings which is twice as powerful than a regular sailing yacht rig. A totally new category of yacht, the Ayro Oceanwings® are automatically operated by computers that take all conditions into account when sailing.

With wind being the major propulsion component alongside the engines, this is the ultimate boat for future thinking owners who love to sail but don’t like the heeling of a sailing boat and their modest speeds.
The Eco-Explorer can reach 18 knots on wind power alone, with heeling totally controlled by computer, and a top speed of well over 20 knots.

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The hull of the Eco-Explorer has a wide beam of 17 metres, offering an extremely spacious interior plus an exceptional beach club aft with a 15-metre swimming pool.

Calculation principles for the hull shape are based on Feadship principles with lessons learnt from offshore racing yachts, and the result would be a fast, safe and super-comfortable Feadship almost unaffected by the waves.

Together with the energy reduction elements and renewable energy supply, we estimate the Eco-Explorer would use between 50 to 70 percent less fossil fuel than an equivalent boat. It should also have three times the range, and more if you’re blessed with the fairest of winds

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