Farr X2 crew in dramatic offshore rescue


Dramatic rescue for Farr X2 crew

The first Farr X2 , a yacht designed specifically for two-handed offshore racing, was lost during a trial run off the Australian coast.

The dramatic rescue for the crew of Farr X2

The lightly crewed yacht attempting to become the first single crew line honors winner, she capsized in a bumpy race off Sydney after her keel broke in rough seas.

The $300,000-plus, 30-foot Farr X2, launched in May as the first hull on what its creators intend to become a specialized short-crew racing boat, was competing when the keel broke and the boat capsized some 15 nautical miles offshore at Woolongong.

On board were two female crew members, who were forced to cling to the capsized hull for around 15 hours before being rescued.

In a statement released after the incident, Farr said the ship was sailing in a rising breeze and significant seaward when “the keel joint failed, resulting in a capsize.”
“We are very grateful that the two crew members recovered safely and for the swift action of the Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Brisbane in rescuing sailors in very difficult conditions,” Farr said.

Built in Singapore by XSP, the first hull was launched in Australia in May.

Named Nexba, the 9.2-meter vessel; had a substantial sail area, balanced by a 1,970-pound bulb on a 6.7-foot cast-iron keel. The design also incorporates 2 250 liter water ballast tanks.

It is a blow to Farr Yacht Design as they herald the X2se as the yacht designed to be robust enough for the most demanding offshore racing.