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Failed “Use It Again” Westbound Around-the-World Record Attempt

Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard

A rescue boat from Puerto Williams will tow the trimaran Use It Again!

At 1 a.m. m. local time, Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard, crew of the trimaran Use It Again! have reported running aground on rocks in Cook’s Bay (55 07.148S 70 15.007W).
The sailors are not injured and a Chilean Navy tugboat is expected to arrive shortly to help them get out and assess the damage with a view to moving to the nearest port.

After passing the mythical Cape Horn, Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard had spent several days looking for a natural refuge in Cook Bay, at the entrance of the Beagle Channel from the Pacific, since extreme weather conditions prevented them from continuing their journey through the Pacific Ocean .

The Ultim-class precursor “Use It Again!” trimaran was built in 2003 for the Ellen MacArthur, with which it set the solo circumnavigation record (to the East) in 2005. Considered obsolete in 2011, it was abandoned in French Brittany and in 2016 it was renamed and rebuilt following the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle. Now a great icon of sustainability, the ship and its crew promote the protection of the oceans and aim to demonstrate the enormous potential of the circular economy, breaking the record for going around the world with a 100% recycled ship and minimal impact environmental.

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