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Ewincher 2 Electric Winch Crank

Ewincher 2

The Ewincher electric winch crank is an alternative to installing electric winches.

EWINCHER has innovated with its new model already available for sale: EWINCHER 2 which is faster, more powerful, offers greater autonomy and 20% more performance compared to its first version of 2017.

EWINCHER 2 has three operating modes (electric, manual and combined) to offer comfort, precision and speed in all maneuvers. It works for any boat up to 60 feet and does not require any installation.

EWINCHER 2 provides a constant power of 230W associated with a torque of 90Nm, a performance greater than that of any crew member. According to the brand, a person cannot give 200W for more than about 30 seconds.
The power of the EWINCHER 2 makes it possible both to easily hunt a 160m² spi and to hoist a 110kg crew member on a 60ft boat. The speed of the electric mode (100 rotations per minute) allows the mainsail of an Oceanis 45 to be hoisted in 60 seconds. This speed is variable to be able to control all the stages of the maneuver.

Its 25.2 V lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 3,000 mAh, and it recharges in 1h30 at 12V or 110 / 220V. It has an autonomy greater than one day of navigation in any boat of less than 45 feet.
The EWINCHER 2 crank also features an adjustable torque limiter to prevent any material or physical damage.

EWINCHER 2 is lightweight (2.2kg) and easy to use. It is the solution to motorize all your winches and at the same time have optimal control over maneuvers.

An EWINCHER 2 pack includes: the EWINCHER 2 crank 1, a lithium-ion battery, a 110-220V AC charger, a 12V DC converter, a specific crank cover to safely store your EWINCHER in the cover, 1 carrying case and a safety strap.

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