Estrella Superyacht Concept inspired in Star Wars


Estrella  Superyacht Concept by Yeojin Jung

If you’re a Star Wars fan, keep an eye out for the yacht presented by South Korean designer Yeojin Jung.

It’s called Estrella, and it’s a luxury yacht inspired by the Star Wars ships.
South Korean designer Yeojin Jung has been inspired by the George Lucas saga to launch the most galactic yacht ever created.

It is a 342-foot-long (142-meter) yacht with a so-called ‘triple row’ design, just like the Y-wings have in Star Wars. She will have a cruising speed of 15 knots.

Thus, the 20 passengers that it admits, can have a better view of the front and the side, a closer and more visual experience of the water, divided into three sections: a main one in the center and two floating areas, one on each side, connected thanks to a bridge that spans the hull.