eSea, portable electric drive

eSea is an innovative one electric water propulsion system

The startup eSea Propulsion Technology has launched eSea, an innovative electric water propulsion system that works with rechargeable batteries and can be attached to any board, SUP, kayak or light boat, both inflatable and rigid.
By means of a remote control, this portable device allows to control the thrust and the speed suitable for the practice of the nautical sport.


eSea can be used as an additional assistant while rowing or sailing, as a push force to enter and leave port, as an assistant to return to land or as a main thruster for traveling short distances.

eSea is the philosophy of the electric bicycle applied to water sports ”, summarize its creators, Íñigo Barrón and Fran Martín, from the eSea Propulsion Technology startup.

The innovative device is an easy-to-install click & go device that stands out for its versatility.

A characteristic that distinguishes it in the market, since it has specific adapters for the most common keel models that, together with the universal adapter, allow it to be attached in just two clicks to any light boat, whether inflatable or rigid.

The eSea is compact, its battery and motor are integrated into the device itself without the need for external cables. It weighs less than 3 kilos and that fits in a backpack.

When the eSea is incorporated into a board or kayak, the sport can continue normally, even if it is not activated. It is not a load, it is not an element that will modify the behavior of the boat.

This propulsion system is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, as it does not require fuel. Its rechargeable batteries provide an autonomy of up to two hours.

Its use is very intuitive and offers a different way to have fun practicing water sports, especially paddle surfing and kayaking.

It is a propellant designed so that its users enjoy more time practicing their sport while improving their technique and physical form. Due to its benefits, it allows you to live a different experience and overcome new challenges.