Elan’s 47 feet yacht E6 wins first IYA 2022 design award


Elan’s 47 feet yacht E6 wins first IYA 2022 design award, beating maxi and superyachts alike

The new Elan E6, a 47 feet new-age performance cruiser, won a famous award in the world of design – The International Yacht and Aviation Award 2022 in the category Sailing Yacht. The contest was organized by magazines Design Et Al and Luxe Et Al, known for their influence among design enthusiasts and professionals. This is the first award of this type ever given to an Elan yacht.

The competition unites the biggest design voices in the world, and the winner is chosen by public voting. The award was won by Elan E6 in the category of sailing yachts, competing against several maxi and superyachts.

“We have always been building high-quality yachts, but with the E6, we pushed the envelope even further. Gorgeous aesthetics, combined with unparalleled sailing characteristics and construction quality. We are very satisfied with the result and delighted that this was recognized by the broader design community. I am very thankful to our partners, who gave their best to this project. Without all of them, Elan E6 would not be what it is,” says Marko Škrbin, the director of Elan Yachts.

The yacht is defined as a performance cruiser with an uncompromising ratio between performance and comfort. Her dual nature, intended for demanding sailors who expect great sailing capabilities and a comfortable vacation from the same yacht, is at the heart of the Elan Yachts shipyard. With the E6, Elan wanted to go a few steps further by choosing their partners carefully.

Therefore, they decided to shake hands for “Elan E6 hull” project with already established naval architects Humphreys Yacht Design, established new partnership with Gurit composite engineers, and connected with Pininfarina, the famous Italian design studio, to make her final exterior and interior design. Results are already showing, the first accolade for the team and the sailboat is a dream come true for every industrial designer and incentive to move towards next success.

The E6’s design finds success in all respects, but some elements truly make this yacht iconic. The coach roof window lines celebrate the heritage of Elan’s E Line, while the portlight fold gives the E6 a sporty line and an instantly recognisable look. In the interior, the main stairs in the saloon forecast the hexagonal motif of the interiors and are a centrepiece connecting it all. Instead of wood, the stairs are made of GRP, which carries Elan Yachts to completely new dimensions of design, ergonomics, and durability.

A key objective was to express the yacht’s dual-purpose ethos, comfort and performance, through the yacht’s look and feel, while keeping true to the established form of the E Line. Pininfarina took up the challenge in their own legendary style and nautical tradition. They gave the E6 a confident feel, using a few fluid lines for a unique look and masculine energy while preserving an aura of elegance in the silhouette. The result is a sailboat with pure shapes and a modern style, projected toward the future.