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E-Next by Ernesto Riva. The electric boat made entirely of wood.

E-Next by Ernesto Riva.

The electric boat made entirely of wood.

A year ago Ernesto, the completely electric handmade wooden boat, was presented.
The success of this model was followed by the Elettra, a sustainable taxi boat.

Now the Ernesto Riva shipyard has decided to bet on a model designed for recreational sailing with E-Next, the third electric boat from Ernesto Riva.

E-Next is set to debut in 2021, but the elegance of this ship is already apparent from the design of the Frers studio. In fact, it is the naval architect Germán Mani Frers, who with Daniele Riva and the ER Innovation company, is developing this model.

The nautical archistar had already actively participated in the projects of the Ernesto Riva shipyard, which is about 250 years old. Today the shipyard is moving towards eco-sustainable navigation, without forgetting two and a half centuries dedicated entirely to wooden boats.

Elegance and sustainability, all made in Italy. This is the goal of the shipyard. A new chapter in the range of electric boats born from the creativity of the Frers studio and the ability to work with wood by Ernesto Riva’s artisans. Added to this is great freedom for the owner in customizing the boat. The shipyard, therefore, brings the mix of technology and craftsmanship of the best tradition to build a unique ship. Details on E-Next, regarding length and propulsion, have yet to be released.

About the Ernesto Riva shipyard

Daniele Riva, born in 1967, represents the eighth generation that continues this little great tradition of the Riva family. After 250 years of history, the shipyard combines knowledge, passed down from father to son, with innovative processing methods to create elegant, classy and sustainable motor boats.

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