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Demolishing impact of a surfboard in Nazaré

Demolishing impact of a surfboard against a surfer in Nazaré



The German surfer Sebastian Steudtner recorded the impact of a surfboard that caused him multiple injuries and left him without surfing for several months.

One of the surfers who vibrated the most when the waves of Hurricane Epsilon reached Nazaré (Portugal) was Sebastian Steudtner.

Steudtner suffered another type of accident common in the world of surfing. His season was interrupted by a dislocated clavicle, fractured ribs and tears to his neck and chest.

“It all happened when I was surfing a wave in Nazaré, looking for my line. I saw a friend of Maya Gabeira paddling against the wave. I thought it would surround him and give him space not to impact. But he threw himself off his board to pass the wave underneath, throwing his surfboard right at me as I passed him.
My right arm prevented it from hitting me in the face, but it sent all the force towards my chest.For all the people who have a bad time: I recommend keeping your head high and focusing on what can be controlled, forget what is not in our hands. Small steps are the key to success, maintain a healthy routine that allows progress. Be positive and be prepared! “

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