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Corsa915 has been launched, the new racer by Matteo Polli YD

Corsa915 has been launched, the new racer by Matteo Polli YD

This new pure racing machine has been purpose designed for rating competitions, coming out from Matteo Polli drawing board and built in Fano by Life Yacht. The first hull has been launched in the past weeks and will soon be competing.

Initial sea trials gave exhilarating feedback: this 30 footer has been thought for competing either in the ORC Sportboat class and in ORCi events in Class C. Aggressive waterlines, powerful sail plan including a retractable bowsprit and a reverse “T” keel configuration guarantee high level real performances useful not only on handicap racing.

The boat is built by Life Yacht, a young company led by project manager Alex Magnani, that has decided to trust in Polli’s project and is already completing the second hull of the series. Corsa915 is equipped with a carbon mast and an outboard motor mounted in a comfortable to use locker amidships.

The listing price is € 98.000,00 and in the coming weeks interested owners will be able to try the boat in some events organized by the shipyard. For all information on Corsa915, please visit the website corsa915.com

Declaration by Matteo Polli, Corsa915 Designer

“From the designer perspective, the concept behind Corsa 915 is very interesting, challenging, but also uncommon since there are no other boats specifically designed for rating competitions at this size. The characteristics of Corsa915 allow to enter a huge set of races and together with the ease of transportability, the racing opportunities for the owners are incredibly large and include also shorthanded racing.”

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