Candela C-7, a revolutionary electric boat with foils


Candela C-7 is a revolutionary electric boat with foils, due to its greater speed, three times more autonomy, and a new hydrofoil system to float above the water.

Boat engines consume 15 times more than car engines, and the energy density of batteries is lower than that of gasoline. That is the reason that electric boats have little autonomy and little speed … until now.

The Swedish company Candela has solved the problem by revolutionizing navigation by means of a hydrofoil system.

Literally, the boat “flies” half a meter above the water, offering less resistance and, therefore, allowing the electric motor to achieve more speed and more autonomy.

A side effect of using hydrofoils is that it is not hit by the waves, it sails completely straight, eliminating motion sickness.

Hydrofoils are small, but powerful propellers located on blades, which raise the boat above the water. We have seen them on surfboards and even on the bicycle that sails, but little by little they begin to be implanted in boats and sailboats.

Thanks to this system, the Candela C-7 outboard electric boat can navigate at a speed of 30 knots (56 km / h), and reaches a range of 50 nautical miles, about 92 km, with a battery of only 40 kWh.

Another important advantage is that, being an electric boat, it does not make noise. So it does not disturb marine fauna or people, and it does not pollute either.

Candela C-7 is a look at the future of sailing: good performance, no dizziness, no pollution, and no noise.

Of course, they are not cheap, their price is around 220,000 euros.