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CAMI Terra Wind RV amphibious motorhome

CAMI Terra Wind RV

This amphibious motorhome has as much luxury as a yacht and combines a motor home with a tour boat

The CAMI Terra Wind RV can go on land and water just as easily

It is for those who want to go along the road and when they reach a lake, be able to navigate without having to park and get on a boat.

Once the two inflatable side pontoons are assembled, the Terra Wind RV rolls into the water with the fuel engine, and then goes into marine mode with just one gearbox change.

In South Carolina, CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International) manufactures amphibious vehicles. But the one that has attracted the most attention is a luxury Motorhome, which they have called Terra Wind RV.

It is a Motorhome that does not use plastic or cheap materials inside. All floors are marble, granite countertops, teak cabinets, real leather furniture, and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

The living room also functions as an entertainment room, equipped with a high-fidelity audio system and a large Full HD 4K Led screen.

The master bedroom in the back area, has a queen-size bed, with a custom mattress, mirrored ceiling and balcony door through which you access the porch that functions as a platform or terrace to go swimming when in the water. This platform is expandable and can attach a couple of jet skis.

Due to its low center of gravity, the Terra Wind RV is very stable in the water, even with waves of more than one meter in height.

In the middle, between the living room and kitchen, and the master bedroom, there is a second bedroom with single beds, and there is the bathroom that has an electric toilet and a combination of bathtub and jacuzzi, which in turn has a large window from which you can take an immersion bath looking at the water

It is powered by a 330hp turbocharged Caterpillar 3126E diesel engine, with an automatic transmission for driving on streets and a marine gearbox for operating on water.

To change from land mode to water mode, it is only a matter of putting one in neutral and the other in drive, but first you have to stop and inflate the two 3.9-meter pontoons that improve stability in the water, and that come out of the storage section of the Motorhome, telescopically.

One of the keys to the Terra Wind RV is that it is designed with a very low center of gravity to avoid the risk of tipping. The addition of the inflatable pontoons and away from the body of the Motorhome, allow it to control waves of up to 1.2 meters and winds of up to 65 km / h like a real boat.

The rear propellers are what transmit the propulsion when the Terra Wind RV is in the water, but always using the same 330 hp engine

In yacht mode, the RV travels at a low speed, about 4 knots. And in motorhome mode it travels at 130 km / h.
For both wheels and propellers in water mode, the propulsion comes from the same engine.

Based on its trim and finish details, the Terra Wind RV can cost $ 750,000 to $ 1.2 million.

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