Video: British Royal Marines flying with a jetpack.


The British Royal Marines are testing a new way of boarding a ship, flying with a jetpack.

A video from thruster manufacturer Gravity Industries shows a Royal Marine wearing a jet-powered suit to land on a nearby ship after approaching it in a speedboat.

The sailor can be seen effortlessly rising to the skies, and reaching the upper deck of a ship in record time.

The Gravity jet suit uses four arm and back mounted jet engines to produce over 1000 thrust horsepower. Thanks to the design, its wearer can adjust its speed and trajectory by changing the position of its arms.

These flying suits can reach speeds of about 135 kilometers per hour and have a range of more than 10 minutes.

Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning in 2019 broke his own world speed record by reaching over 136.7 kilometers per hour while flying over England’s Brighton Pier.