Boomin Beaver, the smallest ship in the U.S. Navy

Boomin Beaver, the smallest ship in the Navy

The Boomin Beaver is a 5.7 meter mini trailer. She serves to deploy, operate and maintain submarine barriers around warships.

The US Navy has ten of these boats in operation. There is one docked near the USS Constitution, others at the Point Loma base in California and many others at the Kitsap Bangor naval base and San Diego.

They are very small and their helmet is made of steel. The cabin is made of aluminum and has capacity for three people. She has air conditioning, heating, windshield wipers, sliding windows, and sound insulation.

She was initially created to transport logs by waterways. The company in charge of this was Chuck’s Boat and Drive, but the US Navy obtained a few units to carry out port tasks. She is now used to deploy underwater fences around the larger ships whose objectives are to protect them and let them leave or enter the harbor.

It is precisely for this reason that these boats are located near floating safety nets, identified with connected buoys.

In this auction of the US government you can see some specifications. The boat is 5.7 meters long and about three meters wide with a draft of 1.5 meters. She uses a Cummins 6BTA5.9 diesel engine that puts out 260 hp at 2,600 RPM. Your price of her? $ 100,025. Here the PDF with the instruction manual