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Biotherm finish Leg 5 on a shortened course

Leg 5 is complete while Aarhus stopover is off to a bustling start…

In accordance with the Sailing Instructions, which allow the Race Committee to shorten the course for boats still racing, the finish line for Biotherm has been moved to longitude 0-degrees.

The team then finished Leg 5 at 10:37:50 UTC on Wednesday 31 May in fourth place, scoring 4 points for the leg. Their elapsed time for the shortened course Leg 5 was 9 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes and 50 seconds.

See the updated leaderboard here

While the leg is finished for Biotherm, this hasn’t changed the distance to go to Aarhus, which is still 480 miles away. The team is making way slowly, protecting the stability of the mast despite their broken rigging and is not expected to join the IMOCA fleet at Ocean Live Park before the weekend.

See the latest boatfeed from the team, which shows how they are sailing under a jury-rigged shroud towards Aarhus.

Meanwhile, Ocean Live Park in Aarhus is a bustling hub of activity. There has been an opening day drone show, bands, a VO65 arrival parade of sail, school visits to the learning programme, as well as all manner of entertainment and hospitality.

And that’s just the first couple of days!

The Ocean Race Summit takes place on Thursday and the rest of the stopover promises much more in the way of an exciting and engaging visitor experience building up to Sunday’s In Port Racing, ahead of the Leg 6 start next week, with sunshine forecast all the way through.

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