Bill Gates wants to protect the climate, aboard a super-polluting yacht



Bill Gates buys a farm that protects the climate, aboard a super-polluting yacht

Bill Gates, has been searching for farmland to help save the environment, aboard one of the most polluting forms of transportation in the world.

On the eve of the United Nations climate summit, aboard two luxurious superyachts he took a luxury voyage along the Turkish coast, celebrating his birthday and buying hundreds of acres of farmland.

“He wants to create a large sustainable farm in Turkey” for his Foundation

Gates, who celebrated his 66th birthday at a beachfront party, participated in Jeff Bezos, and pledged $ 315 million at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP26 in Glasgow to help farmers develop resistant crops. to climate change.


Gates promised that he will put the money into a seed consortium that will help farmers adapt to changing weather patterns.

Unless small farmers can adapt to climate change, we will lose the global battle against hunger and poverty,” he tweeted.

But Gates undertook his environmental crusade aboard a superyacht, which environmentalists say are among the worst green offenders in the world.

He sailed the blue waters of the Aegean in LANA, on a 354 foot yacht described as “one of the most luxurious superyachts in the world”, which accommodates 12 guests, 31 crew members, and rents for more than $ 2 million a week. In addition to the support yacht Wayfinder

The Lana and Wayfinder superyachts are some of the most unique yachts in the world, shedding 7,020 tons of CO2 per year, making them by far the worst asset to possess from an environmental point of view.

Gates has publicly admitted that he is a hypocrite on climate change. On the one hand, he has been doing a lot of outreach about the state of the world, but then his actions show that he is not going to give up on his lifestyle. It is a true contradiction.