Due to the marine weather conditions in the Gulf of Trieste, the Race Committee, based on the indications of the Harbor Master’s Office and after consulting the organizing company, assessed the weather alert issued by the Civil Protection and the weather forecast issued by Osmer for today, Sunday 11 October, has decided to cancel the Coppa D’Autunno – Barcolana 52 presented by Generali.
The decision was made this morning at 7 am, given the evolution of the weather according to the forecast of Bora forte and the materialization of the weather alert issued yesterday by the authorities.
“Faced with marine weather conditions such as today – commented the president of Svbg, Mitja Gialuz – seafarers recognize the need to keep the crews on land and boats safe. We have worked hard to make the event safe as regards health aspects, now we have to respond in the most correct way and according to the logics of the weather and cancel the regatta. It is a demanding but necessary decision that preserves all the people of the Barcolana and respects all those familiar crews with small boats that are the heart of this regatta. There is something liberating in the fact that the wind beats Covid: we have overcome the difficulties associated with organizing Barcolana in this context, and only our natural element, the wind, has stopped us in this edition. ”

The organizers monitored the evolution of conditions throughout the night, worked to reinforce the moorings, sent the tug boat to sea at 4 am and positioned the starting buoys at 4.30 this morning: at 5.30 the tug was placed at the height of Boa 1 with the aim of measuring the wind in that strategic area of ​​the Gulf for the regatta and from there to provide the information necessary for subsequent assessments on sea and wind conditions.
At 7, during the briefing at the Port Authority, the decision was made to cancel the regatta. “As we have had the opportunity to recall several times in recent weeks – commented the president Gialuz – last July our Sandro Chersi, one of the inspiring fathers of the regatta, a great expert in weather forecasts, left us. Here, we dedicate this demanding choice to him because we know he would have approved and we close this edition with his words: the good sailor saves the boat and his crew in the storm, the excellent sailor has chosen not to go out, and from the window he looks the good sailor at sea, as he fights to save the boat and the crew. Sandro, our goal is to be excellent sailors, as you have taught us ”.

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