AMERICA’S CUP. AC75s can be three to four times faster than the wind


Glenn Ashby: “AC75s can be three or four times faster than the wind”


Australian Glenn Ashby from the Emirates Team New Zealand design team and wing sail controller aboard ‘Te Rehutai’ comments that the AC75s, “in the right conditions, are capable of sailing three to four times faster than the wind speed”.


“The speeds of the AC75s are quite impressive, especially upwind, and the performance levels of the boats have gone beyond what the designers believed they could go”

“Sometimes we are 6-10 knots faster upwind than with the AC50. And directly reach 50 knots”

“The AC75 monohulls are extremely maneuverable and from a design concept perspective, we have exceeded all our expectations.”

“If someone wants to know what it feels like to navigate in a 15-20 knot wind at speeds of 35-40 knots, they should stick their head out of the sunroof at 100 or 120 km / h on a highway.”