Every America’s Cup challenger has a few key tools to work with: the AC75 class rule, new talent, proven experience, and a limited amount of time.

From these common ingredients emerges a competitive philosophy that is unique to each team.
For American Magic, the US Challenger, this philosophy centers on the daily refusal to be outdone.

“Our mindset is that every day is a race day,” said Terry Hutchinson, skipper and CEO of the New York Yacht Club American Magic. “When you practice like you’re running, and you make your practice days harder than your race days, the races tend to be easier.”

Solving the AC75 class ruler design puzzle and building a winning platform requires not just innovation, but boldness. “You have to have an attitude about how you are going to approach the rule and the documents [that govern the America’s Cup],” said flight controller Andrew Campbell. “You have to have a certain perspective. You have to attack it. You can’t just react. ”

In a normal cycle of the Copa América, each team would face the crucible of the first exhibition regattas. These events would give insight into the progress of each team and provide a stress test for each different philosophy. COVID-19 has changed a lot of that, along with the rest of the sports world.

“This is a unique regatta, and it is a unique moment,” Hutchinson said. “Because of the world and the environment in which we live, all teams are going to face the challenge of not having really raced in the last twelve months. And yet we are on the eve of something that we have been preparing for for the past three years. That excites me, I trust the team and I trust the trajectory we are on “.

Bold decision-making in design and production, backed by aggressive training in the water, are the sources of this confidence, according to American Magic coach James Lyne.

“When we do something right, we build trust with each other and on the boat,” Lyne said. “If we trust each other, we will have those bad times and we will have more good times. It’s about learning. We have a group of younger sailors and we have a group of older sailors. ”

A combination of youthful ambition and proven talent can be found in every area of ​​the 150-member American team.

“It’s very easy to see us as a new team, but when you look at each of these departments, there is a lot of experience,” Campbell said. “When you see how we are reaching these milestones, when you see how we are performing day after day, you understand very quickly that we are not a new team here. This is a team that is ready to go racing on race day. ”

The race begins at the America’s Cup World Series Auckland and the Christmas Race (December 17-20, 2020). American viewers will be able to watch on NBC Sports Network / NBC Gold.