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Alliance for the development of hydrogen engines

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yanmar Power Technology Co, and Japan Engine Corporation formed a consortium of Japanese engine manufacturers to develop hydrogen-powered marine engines.

The engines are for coastal and ocean vessels. The goal is to establish a world leading position in hydrogen engine technologies, and to provide clean energy.

Due to the growing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the greats in the motor industry have been faced with the need for reinvention.

The hope is that marine engines will make the transition to various alternative fuels in the coming years.

By cooperating each company aims to bring hydrogen-powered engines to market by 2025.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries will develop medium speed 4-stroke engines.

Yanmar Power Technology will focus on medium and high speed 4-stroke engines.

Japan Engine Corporation will embark on the development of low speed 2-stroke engines.

The three simultaneous developments will enhance the line of auxiliary engines and propulsion products for a wide variety of vessels. In addition, a hydrogen fuel supply and storage system will be developed as part of the integrated hydrogen fuel system.

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