Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard around the world to the West


Alex Pella and Romain Pilliard, the crew of the oceanic maxi-trimaran are committed to the circular economy: “Use It Again!”, Will depart from Cádiz in next days , with the aim of breaking the absolute record of the round the world to the West, sailing against the prevailing winds and currents, following the wake of Magellan and Elcano.

The French-Spanish duo is determined to show that it is possible to achieve maximum competitiveness while minimizing the impact on the planet. “We will sail together with my partner Romain, in a project that, as his name says, tries to raise awareness about the importance of recycling for the sustainability of our planet”, says Alex Pella.

Romain and Alex will leave their home port in Trinité-sur-mer (French Brittany) on November 28 for the Bay of Cádiz, where they plan to install their technical base in Puerto Sherry.

From there they will await the best weather window to launch for the homologated record of the circumnavigation to the West.

The time to beat is 122 days, 14 hours and 3 minutes, a mark set in 2004 by French sailor Jean Luc Van den Heede.

The official start and finish line is located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river in the Cadiz town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, to commemorate the expedition of Magellan and Elcano that started from the same place 500 years ago.