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Adventure aboard the Sanlorenzo 500 Explorer

Sanlorenzo 500 Explorer

The desire for discovery, the search for unknown and uncontaminated places in which to reconnect with the essentials of life is a primal call that has always pushed the great explorers to the most important destinations. remote. That same sense of adventure that guided the owner of the Sanlorenzo 500 Explorer Ocean Dream Walker III to one of the destinations that unites man and nature par excellence, Alaska.

It is no coincidence that owners who love exploring the continents with their yacht choose the Explorer type, a true best seller from Sanlorenzo, which has transformed what was originally a work boat into a sophisticated and functional superyacht equipped with a helipad. The best way to enjoy long crossings even in seas other than our Mediterranean.
This 500Explorer, aware of the mythical explorer Bruce Chatwin, who loved to travel admirably writing about the unspoiled places he discovered, crossed the seas of Alaska enjoying the pristine nature of this area of ​​the world difficult to access with other types of yachts.

An incredible journey that, starting in Florida, then allowed him, passing through the Panama Canal, to climb the east coast of the United States and finally reach the land of ice to explore the majestic landscape of the Gulf of Alaska, on board of his 47-meter long superyacht Sanlorenzo.
A model that stands out for its great attention to comfort, the habitability of the spaces on board and the exceptional navigation performance, with a cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles.
The imposing exterior lines, designed by Francesco Paszkowski, reminiscent of the profiles of large exploration units, leave the aft deck free to accommodate shopkeepers or sailboats up to 30 feet or, depending on the owner’s wishes, a seaplane or submarine, unthinkable. spaces on yachts of the same size.
The lower deck houses a beach club, equipped with a bar, which can be transformed into a garage to accommodate shopkeepers up to seven meters and numerous toys to explore amid the ice.

The 500Exp, an evolution of the 460Exp, is an elegant and advanced interpretation of the Explorer type that allows the most complete autonomy in the exploration of distant destinations.
Ocean Dream Walker III was the first model of this line, developed side by side with the owner, heavily involved from the beginning of the project, for which Sanlorenzo created a touch and go landing platform for a helicopter, absolutely unusual in smaller yachts. 50 meters.

At the owner’s request, a heated pool, a hot tub, a sky lounge were also built, with a long table to host traditional Chinese dinners, and a folding balcony that occupies the entire side wall of the owner’s room to be able to observe from nature privileged way. A solution that allowed the owner to enjoy the exciting spectacle of the Northern Lights directly from his cabin.

A model that perfectly represents the ability of Sanlorenzo to fulfill all the wishes of its owners to guarantee the best experience on board and thus be able to face any type of trip without sacrificing comfort.

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