A Princess Yacht 45 ran aground

A Princess Yacht 45 ran aground in South Africa

A 45-foot (13.7 m) luxury Princess yacht sold last week crashed off Robben Island on Tuesday night.

The National Maritime Rescue Institute (NSRI) confirmed Wednesday that three men had been rescued from the ship, which ran aground in heavy fog east of the island.

“Upon arriving at the scene, in calm seas and dense fog, the ship was found to be stranded and listed,” the NSRI spokesman said.

“A rescue swimmer was deployed to the ship. In one-on-one relays, the three crewmembers were helped to shore by the NSRI rescue swimmer and assisted by officers on the ground. ”

The yacht was a used Princess 45, one of the best motor yacht models in the world.

The ship had sailed from Granger Bay on Tuesday afternoon. The rescue team was alerted around 8 p.m. and the rescue operation ended around 1 a.m.