A Diver is captured by a whale.

A Diver is captured by a whale in South Africa.

South African professional diver Rainer Schimpf was captured by a whale in the city of Porto Elisabete in South Africa.
While the man was recording predators feeding on sardines off the shore, a giant Bryde’s whale, weighing about half a ton, was biting him.

Schimpf also said he felt pressure on his ribs and couldn’t see the whale approach, which released him when he realized he was grabbing a huge animal dressed in a diving suit.

A story similar to the biblical myth of ‘Jonas on the Whale’, which spent three days inside the animal, the South African diver spent just a few seconds between the mammal’s teeth.

“I was filming dolphins, sharks, penguins, and sardine-eating birds when, from the depths, a Bryde’s whale emerged, swallowing everything in its path. It was only a matter of seconds before the whale realized its mistake and opened its mouth to spit at me, ”said the diver.

Rather than go into shock and return home after a near-death experience, Rainer Schimpf soon recovered and returned to photograph sharks swimming in the waters.

“We verified that the equipment was fine, that it had no broken bones, that everything was in its place. Adrenaline to the max, I didn’t want to miss this diving session, I went back to the water, this time in search of sharks. Predators such as whales or sharks pass over their prey and our visibility is often extremely low ”