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52 SUPER SERIES – Sled caresses all the glory in Palma

Sled caresses all the glory in Palma

The American ship leads the Rolex TP52 World Championship and the 52 SUPER SERIES Circuit awaiting today’s uncertain final day

Japanese owner Takashi Okura’s Sled is the new leader of the Rolex TP52 World Championship RCNP 2021 after two new rounds were contested today. The sailboat with the North American flag, which in Palma is skippered by Murray Jones, is also the leader of the general classification of the 52 SUPER SERIES circuit that will finish tomorrow in the waters of the Real Club Náutico de Palma. On the two podiums he is accompanied by Quantum Racing by Doug Devos, second, and Platoon by Harm Müller-Spreer, third. Today’s two races were won by the Quantum and the Sled.

Today’s classification, in the absence of a day, may end up being final since tomorrow it is expected that a very active front will enter that could mean that there would be no regattas. However, the Race Committee will rush until the last moment to try to give starts that would be the culmination of the magnificent World Championship that is taking place in the Bay of Palma, which is considered the best regatta circuit in the world for monohull boats.

Sled cemented his momentary glory in today’s final heat. The American sailboat with Francesco Bruni in the tactic was right in the choice of the left side of the race course to consummate a landslide victory. Quantum, which was the best boat in the water today with a first and a second, saw the lead slip away.

If today’s results are confirmed tomorrow, Takashi Okura’s Sled would become the third team to win a 52 SUPER SERIES season. In the eight previous editions of the competition, the victories had been shared aliquot between Quantum Racing and Azzurra with four wound each. It will also be the first time that Sled has won the Rolex TP52 World Championship as the current defending champion is Platoon who achieved it in these same waters in the summer of 2019 sailing from Puerto Portals.

In today’s opening race, Sled started late while Interlodge and Provezza were penalized for doing it too early. But despite the delay, the Americans found the right place to sail and half upwind they found the Phoenix on the road with those who had a couple of crosses that did not benefit either of them. With fewer incidents, Quantum Racing was sailing on the other side, cementing its leadership that it no longer left in the entire sleeve.

On the second beat and at the end of the stage the boats coming from the left were dramatically affected, although Quantum was able to maintain first place but Sled was severely affected by losing several places.

Phoenix struggled in the last stern to catch up with the Quantum in the lead, but an untimely break in the gennaker caused him to lose four positions on arrival as he first had to pick up the sail and then do the final leg without that all-important sail for downhill speed. .

In the second heat Bronenosec and Phoenix made a painful off-line from which Vladimir Liubomirov’s boat could not recover, but the South African Toni Norris did. Little by little they were climbing positions to stay in the fight. Alegre was the one who dominated the game from the pin and was consolidating his leadership on the left side of the field. However, Sled did an excellent heat and as soon as they got past the leeward gate the Americans commanded the heat over Quantum Racing and Andrés Soriano’s Alegre.

Francesco Bruni, Sled tactician, explains:

“It was a day of ups and downs and the pity is that in the first heat we were very good and in the second beat we were left with a single role a lot. The headline of the day is: ‘To a role of a perfect day’. I made a mistake, although it was very difficult and there were many boats, but we caught it very badly and lost four boats and lost important points. It is true that I am talking about this and that I should be more happy because we are leaders. The boat is very fast, she is excellent in these conditions and makes the job of the tactician easier for you. We are at a point where before starting the championship we signed it for sure. Tomorrow it will be difficult to have regattas and, therefore, our position is very pleasant. But without that role we would be three or four points higher. In the end we all make mistakes and we are doing a good championship. It is a positive moment for the team and I am sure that if there is a regatta tomorrow we will do well. We are good in these conditions and Murray Jones is doing very well ”.

Lucas Calabrese, Quantum Racing strategist, says:

“Let’s hope that tomorrow we can sail because this fleet deserves an end like the one that could be experienced tomorrow. We know there will be a lot of wind, but let’s hope to do it because there are four boats that they are fighting for everything. Today was a good day removing the first stern of the second heat which was not good, but the wind calmed down and Sled slipped us and they had an easier upwind. The team has recovered from yesterday’s hard day and the guys have done some great maneuvers, with a lot of consistency in the crew and that helps us to make decisions with more confidence. Not only is there Sled, but Platoon and Phoenix also have things to say. Let’s hope that tomorrow we can race and we will define it in the water. The class could use it ”.

Tom Slingsby, Phoenix tactician, says:

“It has been an unfortunate day for us. A day of ups and downs, but this is sailing and you have to take it as it comes. We expect a lot of wind for tomorrow, but we have our fingers crossed that we can at least do a heat tomorrow, but the day does not look very promising. It is not difficult to recover positions if there are regattas. We can still win this event. We have not had good luck today, but we hope that tomorrow we will have it so that we can go out onto the race course to compete and try to win the championship ”.

Live TV broadcast

The final outcome of the regatta will be able to continue with the live television broadcast from the water with comments from the studio and from the water. The tests are available both on the 52 SUPER SERIES YouTube channel and in the competition application that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android and on the regatta website www.52superseries.com. Tomorrow the departure is scheduled at 12 noon. Possible changes to the schedules of the tests can be consulted on the competition’s social networks.

ROLEX TP52 World Championship RCNP 2021 Classification (After 8 races)

Sled (7,2,5,1,6,1,7,1) 30 points
Quantum Racing (4,5,3,4,5,7,1,2) 31 p.
Platoon (3,3,4,8,2,2,3,6) 31 p.
Phoenix (1,1,6,7,3,3,6,5) 32 p.
Cheerful (5,9,1,10,1,5,8,3) 42 p,
Bronenosec Gazprom (2,8,9,2,4,8,2,8) 43 p.
Interlodge (9,4,7,5,8,6,5,9) 53 p.
Provezza (10,7,2,9,9,4,9,4) 54 p.
Gladiator (8,10,8,3,10,9,4,7) 59 p.
Code Zero (6,6,10,6,7,10,10, dnf) 66 p.

General classification circuit 52 SUPER SERIES 2021

Sled 74, points.
Quantum Racing 75 p.
Platoon, 76 p.
Phoenix 79 p.
Cheerful 85 p.
Bronenosec Gazprom 94 p.
Provezza 110 p.
Interlodge 123 p.
Gladiator 142 p.


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