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420 World Championship 2021

420 World Championship 2021 at Yacht Club Sanremo, Italy – Day 1

Unfortunately there was not enough wind to run racing on the first day of the 420 Worlds at Sanremo, Italy.

Sailors were sent to courses in the morning as per the schedule, but after a long time on the water without any breeze, the Race Committee decided to return them to shore and asked them to wait a little longer to see if the wind would come in, as it did on Sunday fore the Practice Race. Unfortunately that didn’t happen so the sailing day was closed without any races.

210 sailors are participating at this 2021 420 World Championships at Marina Degli Aregai in Italy, organised by Yacht Club Sanremo. Racing will run every day from now on and until July 10th.

The intention of the Race Committee is to run three races on Tuesday, with the first warning signal not before 10am.

For live photos and videos you can follow our social accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

More information on the event website, 2021worlds.420sailing.org

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