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17th PalmaVela – No racing due to strong winds in day 2

Strong winds on the Bay of Palma today have put paid to racing on the second day of the 17th PalmaVela regatta. Although there were a series of postponements up until the planned race start time of 1300hrs, the PRO made the decision to cancel racing for the day. The forecast looks better for Sunday which is scheduled to be the third and final day of competition.

The PalmaVela’s Director Manu Fraga commented “Already this morning we could see this might happen, the forecast was bad with a lot of wind and it was also already well established having blown. We have had several teams in the water looking at the conditions in the three race courses that have reported quite extreme conditions so the organization has preferred to prioritize safety rather than force a situation that could be complicated. Tomorrow racing will start one hour before planned, that is, at 1100 hrs. In principle we believe that conditions improve a lot tomorrow so that we will be able to race and finish PalmaVela with a decent program of races.”

The ten strong TP52 fleet had little enthusiasm to go afloat considering the conditions and the fact their Rolex TP52 World Championships start here on Tuesday. “We are happy not to race today given the conditions.” Said Dirk de Ridder, mainsheet trimmer on Platoon, the defending world champions.

Marc Blees of Code Zero has been hard at work making his chartered TP52 ready to go racing and was disappointed that the windstrength looked to be too much to get out and practice. “We will wait and see if the wind drops and maybe go out later if we can as we need some time to practice.” Said the Dutch Code Zero supremo.

Provisional Rankings after Day 2:

1. Platoon, Harm Muller-Spreer, 3+1=4pts
2. Bronenosec Gazprom, Vladimir Liubomirov, 1+3=4pts
3. Quantum Racing, Doug Devos, 2+2=4pts

1. Aifos 500, Jaime Toubes, 3+1=4pts
2. Leaps & Bounds 2, Jean Philippe Blanpain, 1+3=4pts
3. Pelotari Project, Jonsi Segui, 2+2=4pts

ORC 1-2
1. Nadir, Pedro Vaquer, 2+1=3pts
2. Long Echo, Barry Sampson, 1+2=3pts
3. First Sailing, Jan Hirsal, 4+3=7pts

1. Lady, Nicolás González, 1=1pt
2. L’immens – Laplaza Assessors, Carles Rodríguez, 2=2pts
3. Shazam, Phillip Seippel, 3=3pts

ORC 4-5
1. Just the Job, Scott Beattie, 1=1pt
2. Marina, Jose Villalonga, 2=2pts
3. Mestral Fast, Jaime Morell, 3=3pts

1. Tres mares, Juan Escandell, 1=1pt
2. Azuree, Eduardi Horrach, 2=2pts
3. Tris tras, Bernardi Fiol, 3=3pts

1. Dr. Chacartegui, Javier Chacartegui, 1+1+2=4pts
2. Mikaku, Zachary Lamb, 2+3+1=6pts
3. Aloja, Helena Alegre, 3+2+3=8pts

1. Gunter, Javier Scherk, 2+2+1=5pts
2. Mr. Nova, Jorge Forteza, 3+1+3=7pts
3. Goldkante Professionel, Tanja Jacobsohn, 1+3+5=9pts

Flying Fifteen
1. Disco volante, Patrick Harris, 1+3+1=5pts
2. Puffin, James Waugh, 2+2+2=6pts
3. Ffugue, Christian Siegmann, 3+1+3=7pts

1. Marigan, Tim Leisenhoff, 1=1pt
2. So Fong, Víctor Unzueta, 2=2pts
3. Viveka, Gery Atkins, 3=3pts

Spirit of Tradition
1. Legolas, Jens Ricke, 1=1pt
2. Tintagel, Hakan Wersall, 2=2pts
3. Aguila, Melle Boersma, 3=3pts


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